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Direct Digital Controls

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Thank you for your interest in Johnson Thermol Temp, Inc. We provide personalized service to our customers by sending out capable and well trained technicians that get the job done right the first time.

Our business is servicing and installing climate control systems, computer controlled building automation systems, and systems that produce or remove heat for industrial or commercial applications. For the lay man, this would include boilers (including boilers the size of semi trucks), roof-top units, chillers, swap coolers, ductless split systems, furnaces, condensing units, and VAV systems.



Energy Savings
The math makes sense. We install systems that are profitable to our customers. With up to six years of financing available, we are almost always able to cut our customers' energy costs by so much that they actually make money by having us install a state of the art DDC system in their building. Think about it for a moment; if you are paying $1,000/month in energy bills and we are able to cut your energy bills to $500/month with monthly payments of $250, then you would be saving $250/month without even factoring in the reduced repair bills or the added "easy of use" and "peace of mind" that the new system will give you.


Comfort and Convenience
Our systems are accessible from most computers via the internet. All our customers need to do to change the settings on their system is to log on to their system through "Internet Explorer" or another Internet browser and enter their user name and password. We include free training and a users manual to all of our DDC customers. We only install secure, reliable, and well made DDC systems that are easy for our customers to use. Also notable: because of the extreme flexibility of the systems that we design and install we are able to provide remote assistance through the internet..

Fewer Repairs
Every electromechanical device is destined to fail, but wouldn't it be nice to know if your equipment is under stress before it fails? We program unique alarm loops into every system that we install. Our unique alarm loops are custom tailored to fit the needs of our customers' mechanical systems and notify us by cell phone and computer in the event of equipment stress or equipment malfunction. Within minutes of a problem's occurrence we are notified and can begin to address the issue. We keep our customers' equipment is running well, and because of this, they save money due to fewer serious break-downs. We are not only computer savvy, but we are also mechanically savvy. We go the extra mile and install the more expensive controls that do the best job for our customers. All of the DDC systems that we design greatly reduce trouble shooting time by not only telling us the most probable cause of the failure, but by providing critical data because of the state of the art sensors that we use.